9.18.23: Remember your OATH, TRUMP owns stage/MSM, Doubles, CALI, PRAY! – And We Know

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German MEP Christine Anderson urges noncompliance with COVID and biomedical tyranny:

“Panama is bearing the brunt of America’s open border policy”….

“The cesspool of the MAGA base!”

AG Paxton’s lawyer Tony Buzbee calls out the “Bush Regime” 💥

Welker: “Do you worry about going to jail?”

Hillary Clinton “DOUBLES”

Dan Scavino is always sending out little encouragements and hints to anons and this one sure seems kind of obvious.

Listen to how uncomfortable red shoes Bill Maher is when Russell Brand eviscerated Big Pharma

In the last 24 hours, the California legislature has passed not one, not two, but four bills that are designed to remove children from their homes

Trump Pummels Antagonistic NBC Fake Newser Kristen Welker for Operating as Biden’s Defense

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