#100: Taking Back Bitcoin feat. Roger Ver – The Bitcoin Cash Podcast

Joining the show on its 💯th episode is the one and only Roger Ver! Discussion of his new book, crypto history & some famous characters involvements, Bitcoin.com, CoinFlex, narrative changing in BTC & more. Enjoy the chat!Links:Roger Ver’s website: https://www.rogerver.comRoger on Twitter: https://twitter.com/rogerkverPresentation slides of this episode: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1ZqttvCA1PoYvKc8pBrPyltVXmzhDIsLr/edit#slide=id.g1001e085589_0_4Donations:bitcoincash:qrsvzz7ys7q34yqxrwu0kammpclknfa5ug68ynxlnnSponsors:Thank you very much to our flipstarter contributors: https://flipstarter.bitcoincashpodcast.com/enGeneral Protocols: https://generalprotocols.com and https://bchbull.comSocials:Website: https://www.bitcoincashpodcast.comTimestamps:00:00 Podcast starts00:38 Intro03:23 Taking back Bitcoin12:16 Early attacks on Bitcoin15:22 Targeting Roger20:46 Andreas, Charlie, Erik, and Jihan27:39 CoinFlex and Mark Lamb38:06 Craig Wright, Calvin Ayre, and Amaury Séchet42:03 Winning as Bitcoin Cash49:51 Community comment: Peter McCormack51:33 John Carvalho admitting he was wrong?53:09 “BeCash”55:55 Bitcoin Jesus or Johnny Appleseed?58:56 Aliens and embarrassing money1:03:28 The laser eyes strike back1:10:38 Bitcoin .com1:16:11 Shareable link feature1:19:05 Question of the week: spending BCH1:23:52 “I, pencil” and “competition to cooperate”1:30:32 Piece of advice and interesting books1:34:08 A behind-the-scenes Bitcoin story, Amir Taaki1:39:38 Roger talking to Elon1:44:23 Meme of the week: ABLA1:47:06 Roger’s message to the BCH community1:47:50 Supporter appreciation, shoutouts and outro

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