#92: Listener Survey 2023 – The Bitcoin Cash Podcast

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Jett and I review the podcast listener survey results, contrast them with last year, and discuss the ongoing narrative collapse in the crypto scene. Enjoy the chat!Links:2 GB blocksize limit clarified:″Downvote” by Marc Falzon on X / Twitter: slides of this episode: you very much to our flipstarter contributors: Protocols: and https://bchbull.comSocials:Website: https://www.bitcoincashpodcast.comTimestamps:00:00 Podcast starts00:37 Intro01:59 #AVAX out of top 2014:18 2 GB “limit” clarified19:39 CashScript flipstarter30:17 POS #ETH governance crisis43:33 Listener survey 202347:32 Listener demographics58:49 BCH and other crypto holdings1:07:54 BCH community and progress1:12:10 Adaptive blocksize limit algorithm support1:20:18 BTC development changes and drama1:24:46 BCH podcast segments1:36:26 When global reserve currency?1:39:33 Other suggestions and comments2:06:15 Community comment of the week2:11:34 Meme of the week2:27:38 Message to the community2:33:32 Podcast supporter appreciation2:34:00 Shoutouts and outro#bitcoin #bitcoincash #bch #btc #crypto #cryptocurrency

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