#102: State of the Revolution 2023 feat. Kallisti & Ryan Giffin – The Bitcoin Cash Podcast

Kallisti and Ryan Giffin join the show in a special year-end episode. We discuss 2023 narratives and development, including Ordinals on BTC, CashTokens on BCH, CBDC’s and inflation. We look back at our last year’s predictions and make predictions for 2024. Happy New Year everyone!Links:Ryan Giffin on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkTfDntdB2q91O8uCLeIukgRyan on X: https://twitter.com/RyanMic87079594Ryan on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/rgiffin89Kallisti on X: https://twitter.com/kzKallistiSelene wallet: https://selene.cashPresentation slides of this episode: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/15Ifu7BKZuiYC22Wxnequ4HAXpYkzyo33/edit#slide=id.g1001e085589_0_4Donations:bitcoincash:qzlrjud68q8s0v96zf9fdtqw056k77eprvm9sllpsaSponsors:Thank you very much to our flipstarter contributors: https://flipstarter.bitcoincashpodcast.com/enGeneral Protocols: https://generalprotocols.com and https://bchbull.comSocials:Website: https://www.bitcoincashpodcast.comTimestamps:00:00 Podcast starts00:37 Intro01:16 Ryan’s intro08:43 Kallisti’s intro10:47 Selene wallet update24:01 Changing narratives37:13 CTV (OP_CheckTemplateVerify) & Blocksize War 2.044:18 Crypto market update56:36 Recap of 2022 storylines57:27 Ordinals change the game1:04:14 Ordinals affect ETH and the whole crypto sphere1:12:48 CashTokens1:20:58 ABLA (Adaptive Blocksize Limit Algorithm)1:22:24 What do you want to see in the next BCH upgrade?1:23:16 Kallisti: Upgraded VM limits1:24:28 Ryan: More wallets supporting CashFusion1:27:12 Jeremy: UTXO commitments1:28:48 Quantum-resistance1:37:34 CBDC’s and inflation1:39:55 Wrecked by inflation?1:42:52 Big Mac inflation index1:44:11 2022 Predictions scorecard1:50:13 Predictions for 20242:04:21 Moonsettlr announces plans for a CTV client2:13:58 Ryan’s message to the community2:16:59 Kallisti’s message to the community2:18:12 Jeremy’s message to the community2:21:52 Bring your BCH home for the holidays!2:22:33 Podcast supporter appreciation2:23:47 Shoutouts and outro#bitcoin #bitcoincash #bch #btc #crypto #cryptocurrency #cbdc #inflation▪️

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